Shawn Williams exceptional performance and a multi-winning champion to the MMSlam with his original works such as “Holy Sh…” Shawn will now be performing as “Lennox” in the play Macbeth presented by Pulse Ensemble Theatre and Riverbank State Park.

As the culminating event of its twentieth season, Pulse Theatre Ensemble, under the direction of Alexa Kelly, will present a Free Shakespeare production of ‘Macbeth. The production updates the classic by transferring Shakespeare’s tragedy from the “fog and filthy air” of Scotland to the murky realms of Afghanistan, where “nothing is but what is not.” The title character, an overambitious Marine officer (suffering from PTSD), is brought down by guilt and paranoia. Lady Macbeth sings blues and inspires herself with R&B music. Banquo throws football with his son, Fleance. The witches are Afghani widows, possibly Taliban or Al Quaeda partisans, who seek revenge for their losses. The tension mounts until Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are brought down by their own greed, guilt and fear.
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The actors are Jeff Burchfield (as Duncan), Paul Pontrelli (as Malcolm), Akeem Folkes (as Donaldbain), Brian Richardson (as Macbeth), Renee Flemings (as Lady Macbeth), Aam Jonas Segaller (as Banquo), Danny Makali’I Mittermeyer (as Macduff), Shawn Williams (as Lennox), Mathew J, Harris (as Ross), Mia Anderson (as Angus); Wendy Snow, Erica Chambers and Regina Gibson (as The Witches), Gregory Wool (as Fleance), Kara Addington (as Mentieth) and Leigh Ellen Caudill (as Lady Macduff).

Preview Date: August 7, 2010
Opening Date: August 7, 2010
Closing Date: August 8, 2010

Next Five Shows:
Saturday, August 7, 2010 2:00 PM
Saturday, August 7, 2010 2:30 PM
Sunday, August 8, 2010 2:00 PM
Sunday, August 8, 2010 2:30 PM

Governors Island National Monument
10 South St., Slip 7
New York, NY 10004
Ticket Price: Free

It is a feature of Harlem Week ( or 212-695-1596
Lawn seating, running time: 1:45 (no intermission)


We are thrilled to announce the launch of the comedy websiode Standard Deviants, featuring Alex and Phillippe Haussmann!

Together with a fantastic crew and cast this hilarious episode about the hijinks of 5 boys in a special school who are sometimes too smart for their own good.

In episode 1, a frantic Mahmood begs his friends to find him a woman or he might just lose his manhood to the mysterious killer stalking the school.

Check it out on Facebook under Standard Deviants and Like it. Embed it, link to it, and pass it on!

Standard Deviants is a comedy series about 5 teen boys attending an all boys school for very smart kids. Despite their superior intelligence they sometimes overthink solutions and get into trouble.
In this episode, a frantic Mahmood begs his friends to find him a woman or he just might lose his manhood to the mysterious killer roaming the school grounds.
This is the pilot episode that we strongly believe could also be developed into an edgy and funny series for the Web or broadcast.


Eric Nelsen
Ritesh Rajan
Desmond Confoy
Ian Cooley
Alex Haussmann
Phil Haussmann


Rob Huntoon
Don Gaile
Director of Photography
Andrew Ravani
Assistant Director
Natalie Berning
Christina Brosman, Tom Pogue & Don Gaile

About Allison
She is a 7 time Manhattan Monologue Slam Champion. Allison just completed a run of her one woman show American Dreams at the Richmond Shepard Theater in NYC. “Latasha Harlins, Marla Hanson, Tawana Brawley, John Wayne…What do they have in common? They all know how to do the Wild Thing! Bobbing and weaving her way through the American landscape, Allison generates a cathartic pow wow in an evening of thrilling theatre.” Abby Ellin NYTImes

About the Film
The Nanny Written and Directed by Khary Jones Produced by Sean Smith
As the caretaker of her upper middle class boyfriend’s four-year-old nephew, Chrishelle is almost part of the family. Almost.
Director of Photography Aaron Kovalchik
Editor Khary Jones
Cast Cid Nichols, Jas Anderson, Phyllis Johnson, Allison Findlater-Galinsky
Total Running Time 22 min

For Immediate Release: Contact Adrianne Carlyle for Press Comps. 212.332.0878
reviews & interviews for blog, tv, radio, print, available

Actor Producer Serina Sanusi, starring in “Line” at The 13th Street Repertory Theatre, has broken the color barrier after 36 years by producing the first ever “all black cast” of the play. Sanusi is a native of Ghana, West Africa, and says “Line has been running longer than I’ve been running/living, but I’ve been black far longer than the play. This casting adds a dimension to a text that is ripe for new interpretation.” The cast features: Serina Sanusi, Hank Dennis, Errol Greaves, Anthony Michael Stokes and Anthony Walters. “Line”, written by Israel Horovitz, runs every Friday and Saturday night at 9:30pm and tickets are $20 for adults, $15 for seniors & students w/ID.

On a night where the audienced battled blizzard conditions, Alysia Joy Powell brought her own storm to the stage and took the Champion title for the month of February. Congratulations!

Alysia hails from Los Angeles. Born of parents who met at an acting class, it was no wonder that she would have the gift. Some of those gifts are acting, singing, writing (poetry and screenwriting), and stand up comedy. She’s had a career in Film and TV including credits like: Desperate House Wives, a reoccurring role on Everybody Hates Chris, Scrubs, NYPD Blue, and The Shield, just to name a few. Three and half years ago, she got a deep passion for all things more true and cultural. That’s what brought her to NY and she has been on her grind ever since. Enjoy the wonder that is Alysia Joy Powell.